Our team

Our core group consists of six people. Each one of us is involved in something different by which we complement each other.


Vistula Polish Community Association in Cumbria was established on 3 May 2009 by the combined forces of three founding fathers: Wacław Egermeier, Rafał Pisarzak and Jarosław Jakubiak.

It was then that the informal association began its existence and its first tasks. We helped local authorities often as representatives of the local Polish community in various matters such as translation. We were joined by more and more people with many new ideas: Leszek Kozak, Justyna Pupiec-Adamowicz, Jan Letasi, Patrycja Szpunar and Paulina Furlong. Unfortunately, many of them for various reasons left or returned to Poland. Below are some of our previous initiatives that we have organised:

- family picnics in Talkin Tarn,

- organisation of an election office during elections to the Sejm and the Senate,

- the organisation of a consular duty in Carlisle for the Manchester Consul,

- rental of a sports hall for volleyball matches,

- active participation in the "Cultur Bazaar" Festival of Nations,

- translation assistance to the Cumbrian police,

- and many smaller initiatives that cannot be enumerated


Mr Jarosław Jakubiak

Founder of the association and Chairman of the Board.

Mr Michal Sadza

Deputy Chairman.

Mrs Małgorzata Johnson

Treasurer / Accountant. Member of the Board.

Mrs Emilia Szulc

Member of the board.

Mrs Katarzyna Pyszora

Member of the board.
Headteacher of the Polish Saturday School in Carlisle

Mrs Izabela Majchrzak

Member of the board.

Our group was united by one goal.

We want to do something together for our local community.

If you would like to carry out your projects in accordance with our values, please contact us and join the ranks of Vistula as a volunteer. We are an apolitical organization with Christian roots. By cooperation, you gain professional experience recognizable in the UK and Poland, a certificate of voluntary work for future employers. We are always grateful for any help. If you have some time and want to be involved, call, send an e-mail or just come and help.